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SpeedGrader for iPad Issue - Audio Comments Not Uploading

Question asked by Dan Barnett on Jan 31, 2017
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Hi, everyone,


This semester is starting out poorly for me. I depended on SpeedGrader on my iPad to create and upload audio comments on student papers, and six months or so ago the process was working perfectly.


But now my iPad Air 2, updated to iOS 10.2, shows a consistent error when I try to "post" an audio comment. The comment can be created in the app, and I can even play it back, but I get the red X of death when I click on Post. I've rebooted the iPad, uninstalled and reinstalled SpeedGrader, but nothing seems to help. 


I posted a question about this on December 27, 2016, and created a ticket with Canvas support, but so far nothing seemingly has happened.


What I don't know is whether it's just me, or whether others of you are having the same issue.




1. Are any of you encountering the same issue?

2. Can someone shed some light on what is happening and how the problem might be resolved?


Thanks so much for any help you can give!