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Checking Submission Attempts

Question asked by Nicole S (UCF-CDL) on Feb 1, 2017
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This is the first semester our institution is using the Turnitin LTI so we are trying to understand all of the new issues that we have been encountering.


When students submit to an online assignment, in their page views we can see a green chark mark next to the date/time that they submitted. 


With the old integration of Turnitin, we could still see this green chark mark when students submitted. Now, with the new integration of LTI, since students' submissions go through the external tool that green check mark no longer appears next to the date/time they submitted.


In this case, if students contact us claiming that they submitted to the Turnitin assignment, we are unable to determine in the logs if the URL and time stamp is from them viewing the assignment page or actually submitting to the assignment. 


Do other institutions have a workaround for this? Or, would we have to contact Turnitin directly to investigate if they see a record of a submission attempt?