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Looking for methods of creating lessons that can be used across multiple courses

Discussion created by John Willingham on Feb 2, 2017
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Good Afternoon,


I am looking for approaches to meet the following request.


We are creating multiple lessons that teach students how to use various library research tools. Each lesson ends with a quiz.


The goal is to make these lessons available to any faculty member who wishes to include one or more of them in their course. At the conclusion of the lesson the quiz grade should populate a column in the grade center of that course.


The tricky part however is that we don't just want to provide a lesson that is duplicated across many courses. We don't want the lesson embedded in a course to be entirely divorced from the 'source' or 'master' lesson. We want data from the individual courses to flow back into the 'master' lesson because at the end of a semester or year we want to see aggregate data from all of the courses that deployed the lessons.  We want to be able to generate a master report of all of the grades, who completed the lessons, which courses deployed the lessons, etc. And ultimately we would want to see if there is any correlation between successful completion of the lessons and success in the course. In other words we want to know if the lessons are useful to the students.


We could of course request this data from each professor that uses the lessons and then compile it but we feel that  that approach would be cumbersome and require too much communication between library staff and the faculty.


I think this is a great candidate for the creation of a custom LTI solution similar to the courses that are provided by some of the publishing companies like McGraw Hill, Pearson etc but since we are still in the process of transitioning from Blackboard to Canvas, we don't have sufficient staff time available to devote to an in-house project of that scope.


So, I am wondering if there are existing tools or techniques that you can recommend that would allow us to create a single lesson that can be deployed across multiple courses. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!


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