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how to view a discussion i created in assignments

Question asked by Read Vanderbilt on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by Tracey DeLillo

I'm new to canvas. I seek to do weekly discussions that are required in that I grade. I created my first one in the assignment section. (Which may have been a mistake.)


Regardless, now I have to grade it. When using the speed grader I can only see one response at a time. Moreover, a lot of them look identical. As I hit the arrow in the upper right-hand corner and page through students, the responses that load are identical student after student. The first three are copied below. I'm guessing my students didn't copy and paste as much as it appears but I don't know how to check that. 


Please advise.


*Note.....  Screenshots were removed because they displayed student names and games.