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How do you setup repeat exams without impacting group assignment weightings?

Question asked by Barbara Coen on Feb 10, 2017


Looking for a bit of advice with regard to setting up repeat exams.


I've setup Assignment Groups as follows:

- Continuous Assessment [60%]

- Final Exam [40%]


Within Continuous Assessment there are a number of assignments and similarly for the final exam there will be a number of module specific quizzes.


We've just completed our first module and a few students failed their continuous assessment assignments.  Therefore I want to assign them the repeat papers (different from the original).


All this seems straightforward until you consider how setting up the repeat exams for 3/4 students might impact the overall weighting for coninuous assessment

  • if i setup repeat assignments in that group and only assign them to specific students will the scores of other student be impacted?
  • how will the scores of the students repeating be impacted? Do I need to nullify the marks on the original paper?


I'm a bit new to this so would really appreciate advice from anyone that has faced this challenge already.