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Integration Common Cartridge to Canvas system

Question asked by Deb Deb on Feb 8, 2017
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I working on integration my system to Canvas. I saw, that you use standards of IMS consortium. I saw that possible to do import of content via imsscc file.

So, I have a question about this part.

  1. Is Canvas support dynamic content ? Could I import the file which will contain links to my resource and data from my server.
  2. Is that mean that every time, when teacher/student will open the course (or other entity) the content will be load from my server.
  3. Our company aims to deliver most up to date content and changes/fixes are pretty frequent. Do I get it right that imported CC will let Canvas pull data from our server on demand for every user request?
  4. I’m a little concerned about authoring content and licensing. Our business model is “pay-per-student” thus I need to be sure that once I provide a CC to client for import in Canvas, I will still be able to control number of students that use content. Also I want to be sure that content can only be imported in specific instance of Canvas (bound to a client) and a copy cannot be imported elsewhere. Is that a viable requirement?



Do you have any case studies with other content authors with similar request ? Do you have some documentation/articles how I can implement my common cartridge to your system ?