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Editing a default email address

Question asked by Valerie Rake on Feb 8, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by Chaffey Admin

I have a question about editing a student's default email address.  We have a student who changed her default address at some point before we checked the little box in Settings that disallows users from changing this.   The address needs to be changed back to the default so that her scores from Top Hat will sync .


She can no longer do this herself, since we're removed that permission.  This page (How do I edit a user's name, time zone, or email in an account?) lets me know I can change it for her.  However, it does not tell me whether she will need to confirm that change (as she would if she were adding additional addresses).  If she does need to confirm, then I think I have to escalate this to support, since the default address is actually an alias for students at our university.  I'm not sure she could confirm.


I really hope I'm over thinking this.