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A Truly Anonymous Quiz?

Question asked by Michael Scalero on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by Keli Amann



Last semester my team designed an anonymous quiz which was imported to all courses via an API.  The quiz/survey was to be anonymous and inserted into every course. Students could take the survey and submit it to the faculty member in each course anonymously which would give the faculty some feedback on how the course is going. 
A faculty member pointed out (and we verified) that the survey was not entirely anonymous, that you can still identify which student had take the survey. 

In doing this exercise, we have confirmed that, although (on the “moderate quiz” page) it does not show individual students names, the names DO appear in the exact same order (alphabetical) as they do under the “people” tab. Our test had the 29th person on the roster for this course and am the only person who has completed the survey thus far. Lo and behold, Student 29 is the one and only person who has taken the survey. So it was fairly simple to match up who had taken the survey, and this violated student anonymity.


Is there any recommendation on how to push a true anonymous survey to all courses which can be submitted to the teacher in each course? It would need to be anonymous and show who completed it in a jumbled order which doesn't match the People tool?