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custom role for "peer mentors"

Question asked by Greg Smersh on Feb 12, 2017
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At the suggestion of academic advising, I’ve recruited about 6 "peer mentors" for my high-enrollment (300+ students) 100% online course. These students recently took the course and did very well.  I’d like to include them in my current Canvas course, but am having a tough time figuring out exactly what rights are associated with the different roles in Canvas.  Some of the options are Advisor, Auditor, and Observer, but I'm not sure what those involve. I’d prefer not to lump the "peer mentors" in with the rest of the students if possible. They should be able to see all of the course content and reply to discussion boards, but not be able to see student grades.  Would like to create a custom role for them (just like in but who do I need to contact to do this?  Any suggestions would be most appreciated.  Thanks,


Greg Smersh

University of South Florida