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Inconsistent hyperlinking in Canvas web vs iOS

Question asked by Brian Bennett on Feb 14, 2017
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I'm in a K12 district and we're preparing teachers for a 1:1 rollout beginning in 2018. We're using Canvas and our students will be on iPads. This has highlighted some pretty significant discrepancies between the web and the iOS app. I know platforms are not all created equal, but this one seems like I'm just missing something simple.


Canvas iOS tries to open links within the Canvas browser, which leads to compatibility issues. For instance, we link to an external web app which requires a login. The login screen appears, but the web app doesn't load in the built-in browser. So, to fix it, I adjust the link in Canvas to force a new window, assuming it would open in Safari. That's not the case, and it led to another issue.


To get the link to open in a new tab, you cannot access the checkbox UI using the "Insert Link" menu item. If you know HTML, you can add the target="_blank" attribute, which is not common knowledge among teachers. You could, however, use Ctrl + K to open the other insert link UI, but you have to know the keystroke.


All this to say: there is significant inconsistency in adding something as simple as a hyperlink on the web side and the behavior through the iOS app is inconsistent with the norm. Is there something I'm missing? Have other users brought this up?