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launch presentation return url for external app

Question asked by Lego_admin on Feb 15, 2017
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Hi all,


Currently we have created a Pearson app as an external app in Canvas. It has a functionality where a user clicks a button and it should redirect the user back to the beginning. 


When we are doing an LTI launch we receive the LMS return URL as follows. 

launch_presentation_return_url  :{courseID}/external_content/success/external_tool_redirect

unfortunately this URL redirect the user to a blank page. 


But the value we are expecting is like this: 


- Are we missing any configurations values which will enable us to get the expected result in the "launch_presentation_return_url" which allows the user to redirect to the beginning page. 


Please help us in getting the return URL for the external tool in Canvas.


Thanks in Advance.