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SCORM Issue (Migrating from Bb 9.1 to Canvas)

Question asked by Gwendolyn Hays on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on May 21, 2017 by Brett Dalton

My institution is in pre-migration mode (moving from Bb 9.1 to Canvas). On our radar as potential issues, ... is a problem with SCORM; as I understand the potential issue, SCORM has a security loophole that would allow JavaScript-savvy students to send a grade manually back to the grade book without having to take an assessment.


  • To prevent this from happening, the CANVAS LMS (automatically) sandboxes each SCORM module outside of the course in a separate repository.  When a course is copied from one shell to another, the SCORM modules are not copied.
  • This means that after a course copy, such as during the CANVAS migration, SCORM modules would need to be (manually) re-deployed to the new copy.


My institution is concerned about the time this process will require for faculty. Is this problem (SCORM modules need to be manually copied to the CANVAS course copy)... still actually a problem? if yes, does anybody have a work around?