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How do students view quiz results when they don't take all attempts?

Question asked by Karen Matson on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2017 by Stefanie Sanders

Faculty member gives students two attempts to take a quiz. Faculty sets the date that students can see their quiz responses. However, if the student only takes the quiz once, not twice, they don't get to see their results. How can we get around that. Students to get to decide if they want to take it twice, they should not be forced to if they choose not to, and it may negatively impact their grade depending upon the way faculty score subsequent attempts. So how do we get around this? No matter what settings we opt for if you don't take that quiz again you don't get to view your results. Please see the screen shots to see more detail.


In the first screen shot we see that the student will get results at a per-determined time set by the faculty.

In the second screen shot we see that the student will not get results because they chose not to take the second attempt.


Why is the UNTIL button not controlling the release of the results rather than the number of times they took the quiz?


Thank you,

Karen Matson