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Limit to # of sub account levels?

Question asked by Gwendolyn Hays on Feb 15, 2017
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My college is about to start a migration from Bb to Canvas; as part of the process, I have been asked to research best structures for our Canvas sub-account hierarchy. I do understand that it is best to keep a database hierarchy from being too deep or too wide, but there are seemingly 1000 ways to set up our Canvas instance.


In many of the examples that I have found (for higher education), it seems that most hierarchies are 3 levels of sub-account or less. Is this a hard-limitation? 


I did find 1 example (from Brian Merkel at Maryville University); in this instance, it seems that the hierarchy is 4 sub-account levels deep. I really like the Maryville structure, but it is literally the only one I have seen that is this deep. In the conference presentation, it also seems that Brian noted that the "zone" level had to be "created as a special effort"... I would appreciate clarification; can Canvas support 4 sub-account levels w/o special programming?