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Speedgrader not showing student discussion posts if in group

Question asked by Israel Ortiz on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2018 by Stephanie Clark

An instructor using group discussions brought this to my attention today...

In Speedgrader, where you normally see the individual student's discussion posts for grading, the window is empty when grading students that are in a group.


The standard message is there, "The submissions for this assignment are posts in the assignment's discussion. Below are the discussion posts for X Student, or you can view the full discussion."  However, the screen below the message does not show the discussion posts (even though they do exist).  If you click on "view the full discussion", you see the full discussion, but then you have to go searching for the individual student's post.


After some investigating, we found that this seems to happen when students have been placed in groups to do the discussion.


Is this a problem with Speedgrader?  Is there some setting that will show the posts of a group member?  Should the instructor be a member of the student's group?  Or, should this be a feature request?