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A doozy of a question concerning reviewing scientific papers

Question asked by Heidi Dickens on Feb 20, 2017
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On of my faculty has just expressed a desire to do the following as an online assignment submission.
Student A prepares a draft report and submits it.  (It is in Microsoft Word as it includes tables and fairly sophisticated graphs.  Also, part of the objective is for the student to become adept at preparing these sorts of documents in Microsoft Word,Google docs is not an option.)
Instructor reviews it and comments using "track changes" feature in MSWord and reuploads it for student A to view.
AT THE SAME TIME,  Student B downloads Student A's draft report and "reviews" it and submits the report with his/her comments and corrections using "track changes".  But Student B is not allowed to see the instructor's review of the draft.  
The instructor reviews Student B's review and comments and reuploads it for Student B to view.
AT THE SAME TIME, Student A downloads Student B's review, and prepares a final version of the report and submits it.  Student A is not allowed to see the instructor's review of student B's review.
Finally, Student A and Student B do not know who each other are.
I had this worked out as long as Student A and B knew who each other are and could see the instructor's comments on each others work.  Just make three group assignments, DRAFT, REVIEW and FINAL with the two students in the "group".
The "peer review" function in Canvas is not sophisticated enough for the review process that is demanded of scientific papers.
Do you have any suggestions?
We ended up having the instructor email documents to students to review, which is not an ideal solution.  In the end, he had to give up on anonymity for the reviewers as MS word automatically identifies reviewers comments (to allow for multiple reviewers).
If you have a solution that does not involve the instructor emailing the documents, that would be wonderful!