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How do I get rid of auto-assigned numbers in module pages?

Question asked by La Vergne Rosow on Feb 21, 2017
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In my current classes, I have a module called Parts of Speech.


This evening, I decided to upgrade one page in the module, Pronoun, but I went back to my Sandbox 2 to do the work. Then I started to replace just one part of the module, the Pronoun. I deleted said page from the current English 21 class module.


Then I discovered I could not import part of a module (kind of like having to replace the whole dashboard to fix the radio button.


No problem, sez me, I can just delete the current English class Parts of Speech module and import the new improved one from Sandbox 2. I did that, but when I entered the module, I discovered all the unchanged pages had had numbers assigned to them. (Newly modified Pronoun had not been assigned a number.) That is to say, the Noun had become Noun-2.


No problem, thought me, I can just edit the numbers out of the files. I began with my English 21 module.




When I tried deleting the numbers via edit, all appeared well, until I re-entered the hall…mall…module.


Music from a Walt Disney movie began to play in my head, as a scene of a Sorcerer’s Apprentice began to chop up brooms and buckets of water filled the place.


Now the unchanged pages of the module have advanced to -3! Except, of course, Pronoun, which has no assigned number.


Just moments ago, I crept back into the English 28 class to see how things were going. Those Parts of Speech pages are still -2, so I’m not touching ‘em. But, Pronoun has also been assigned a -2.


Here it is, the better part of an hour later, and I’m at a loss as to what my crime is this time.


I’m sure there must be a perfectly logical reason why Canvas has attached numbers to pages that have no living predecessors, but I’d like very much for the Sorcerer to step forward and tell me how to get rid of said identification.


Help!This shows the numbers auto-assigned in English 21.

English 28 is still at -2 level AND modified Pronoun has a number.