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Basic Call to API displaying courses?

Question asked by TAYLOR M FREDRICKSON on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2017 by TAYLOR M FREDRICKSON

Recently I was assigned a project for my CIS class with multiple choices and for the challenge chose to tackle connecting to the Canvas API to display courses on a simple web page. During this last week, I have combed through the API documents as well as quite a few posts regarding ajax. My end result is to connect to outcomes or outcome_results and pull data regarding courses from that. To start off, I am able to get a response from the ajax call to the API @ https://mydomain.instructure/api/v1/courses?access_token=(mytokenhere) but am unable to display the data to my page. Secondly, in regards to my initial endpoint of outcomes (as per assignment requirements), is this even possible? The reason I ask is due to searching the URL's for outcomes or outcome_results I end up with an unauthorized access or just plain not found. Lastly, I am trying to do all of this within HTML, JS, and JQuery without the use of php.