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What is the best place for developers to report bugs?

Question asked by Tobias Murray on Feb 17, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by Tobias Murray

In the process of developing our LTI applications and our Canvas API library for Java, we have run into what I think are pretty clear and reproducible bugs in Canvas. I have opened a total of 11 issues on GitHub and we have brought a couple of them to the attention of our customer success representative but I have yet to get a single comment on 9 of them. The oldest one just turned 1 year old a week ago.


GitHub issues are being monitored by Instructure but it seems like only by customer support people who take care of operational issues that aren't actually bugs in Canvas code. It feels like nothing is getting past this level to the engineering teams. Which makes me think that GitHub issues might not be the right place to report such bugs. Or should I be putting more pressure on our customer success representative? I don't think I've pinged him in a couple of months.


I am also in the Canvas IRC channel and usually mention there when I open a new issue but there isn't usually much traffic in there either.


So how do developers best get through to their Instructure counterparts with bug reports?