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How do I allow students to choose from a set of prompts on exam?

Question asked by Erin Breaux on Feb 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by Catherine Woodward

I've finished creating a Quiz (really an exam) in my Canvas course. I normally have three sections, which I've made into Question Sets: Matching, Quote ID ("Essay Question" type), and Short Answer (also "Essay Question" type).


I normally give students a choice in the last two sections. So there are 4 possible Quote IDs, and they choose 3 of them to do. For short answer, there are 6, but they only choose 3. I do this with my in-person exams.


I was trying to accomplish this with the online exam and thought I had by telling the last two question sets to "Pick 3." However, now that I did a preview of the exam, I think that the "Pick 3" means the computer will randomly select 3 of the 4 quotes to give students and randomly select 3 and of the 6 short answers to give students. This isn't what I wanted, since I want them to be able to choose the 3 that they can best answer.


Is there a setting in Canvas that I am missing? How could I do this? I know this kind of situation is common in exams, giving students a choice of prompts. I'm just not sure how to make this happen in Canvas.