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Box Integration - Expiration Date

Question asked by Valerie Rake on Feb 23, 2017
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I have some questions about the Box / Canvas integration.  I've read through Box?  and Box Integration.


We have an enterprise Box account and have had it integrated with Canvas almost from the get-go (we are nearing the end of our first year in production; 2 years counting the pilot).  We are encouraging people to use Box to store and link to all their big bulky reference and downloadable files, rather than increasing the quota in courses. 


As Adrienne Gauthier suggested in Box? , you pretty much have to set your Box folders to "open to anyone with a link" in order to avoid having to manually add all the students as collaborators on a folder.


This raises security concerns. Our Box admin is not happy with this, but understands the need.  Because of the security concerns, though, he does have a default "time to expire" date for any link shared with an "outside collaborator."  Integration links from Canvas fall into this group.


One instructor pointed out to us that with this setting, the link between the course and the material in Box automatically inherits the default expiration date.  One can manually go into Box and remove the expiration; we think that change will hold, but are not actually sure, especially if a course is copied forward into a new shell. And in any event, it is a pain to have to go into Box to unexpire the folders and files.


Is this the experience that other schools have?  Any work-arounds or recommendations?  Did anyone actually know who wrote this integration? We'd love to see it have more controls.


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