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Students get error message when submitting to Turnitin

Question asked by Paul Meloccaro on Feb 24, 2017
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Three of my students have reported that they were unable to submit Microsoft Word files to Canvas for an assignment that uses Turnitin. When they clicked on the "Load Assignment in a New Window" button, they got this error message: "Turnitin Error / Sorry, we could not process your request. / LIT Error: Could not create user. / email – Sorry, this email already is in use." I even had one of the students log in to Canvas on our classroom computer using his own user name and password as I watched, and I saw him get the error message. The other students in the class did not get the error message and had no problem submitting their papers. I have had no problem sending or receiving e-mail messages with any of my students either through the Canvas Inbox or directly through our college e-mail system, so I know that all of the students' e-mail addresses are valid and working. Any idea what could be causing the error for just those three students?