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Allow Group Grading in a Discussion Board open to everyone?

Question asked by Karen Nazario on Feb 22, 2017
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Our hybrid programs runs in 8 week terms, and each term requires group work including posting a consensus or conclusion discussion board post and projects for which each group member receives the same grade.  For one Discussion Board prompt, the teams work together on their own to post once as a group- with all the teams' postings viewable by the entire class.  How can I add group grading to a 'public' (to the class) Discussion Board without requiring students to submit their group post twice? (once to the shared discussion board,and once again to the assignment/file upload).  


Alternatively, I've thought about creating an Assignment column for the gradebook to label each student's group number in the first column but then it effects the ending total points/grade column.  Does anyone know a clever work around?