Stefanie Sanders

Third-party tools with http only

Discussion created by Stefanie Sanders Administrator on Feb 23, 2017

From time to time, an instructional designer wants to embed a third-party tool into a Canvas page, but the content throws an "insecure content" warning at the student because the tool provider's server doesn't support the https protocol. When we're designing courses. we test the external content to see if it's secure, and if it's not, we try adding an "s" to the http in the URL; sometimes this works, but other times, it doesn't.


These days, it's becoming increasingly easier for those content providers to secure their content at little or no cost, so if you ever run into this issue--that you can't embed a useful widget or tool in a page without requiring your students to enable insecure content in their browsers--I recommend that you reach out directly to the tool provider, encourage them to adopt https, and help them out by giving them this link: Let's Encrypt - Free SSL/TLS Certificates