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Why can't I edit my graded survey anymore?

Question asked by Karen Matson on Feb 27, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2017 by Karen Matson

The graded survey tool used to be great. Faculty could ask questions and the point value didn't matter, the number of questions didn't matter, they could just say everyone gets 10 points for taking the survey. Now you have made a change to the survey tool and I can't edit it and get the changes to stick.

I created a graded survey and set the points to 10.


I added three one-point questions. Saved the graded survey and now my graded survey is worth 3 points. It is acting just like a graded quiz. The value of the graded quiz is determined by the number of questions and the point value for each question. That is fine for a graded quiz and what I would expect. That is not fine for a graded survey. Students will earn the three points no matter what they choose to answer so that is good and consistent, but that is the only thing that is working. When I removed one question from my graded survey to try to change my point value my graded survey now with two questions was still worth three points. I could edit the questions but the points were remaining where they were initially. Still trying to award the points I want to for the survey I made the remaining two questions worth zero points. Yes you got it the graded survey is still worth three points.


1. Why can't I edit this and have the changes stay?

2. Why did you change this functionality and please change it back to the way this tool used to work. They got X points (whatever value you indicated) not the value of the initial questions when Save was first hit.


I am including screen shots of the details side of the graded survey and of the question side of the graded survey.


Thank you,

Karen Matson