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What roles receive messages and announcements in groups and/or sections?

Question asked by Mark Pedretti on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2017 by Mark Pedretti

I've got a site which has multiple instructors and multiple student groups. Some of the instructors are affiliated with specific groups; Instructor A works with students in Group 1, Instructor B works with students in Group 2, etc. We've noticed that when students in any group post an Announcement within their group, all instructors are receiving it -- this is creating some noise and one of the instructors is complaining about the messages not connected to her group. 


How do I get around this? Right now I am trying a version of extreme siloing: I've created sections that are coextensive with the groups, turned the instructors into TAs and assigned them to the sections, and set each user's settings so that they can only interact with members of their own section.


By my reckoning, if a student uses Conversations to send a message to the other members of their section, they can do it so that the TAs in the other sections won't see it. But what about Announcements? Do TAs see all group Announcements in the same way as instructors do?


I've scoured the Canvas documentation, and in all of the discussion of roles there is next to nothing about what roles are capable of receiving what messages. Does the TA role receive Announcements for students in groups in other sections? Or does the "limit to user's section" feature shut off all interaction with students in other sections? Would this be true if I assigned an Instructor to a section? 


This is kind of a jumble, but mostly I need to know the permissions for various course-level roles when it comes to seeing messages and Announcements. Thanks in advance.