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Scheduler alternative or workaround?

Question asked by Natalie Norton on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2018 by Natalie Norton
We have been using the scheduler function for online tutorial booking, but unfortunately experienced a number of issues with it. 
Some of these have been fixed in the new beta version of scheduler, however the set up does not really work for our staff for two main reasons:
1) They receive notifications for not just their appointments, but any appointment booked with any teacher on every course they are enrolled on. As many of our courses are co-taught that is a lot of emails, most of which they do not want!
They can't turn them off as they need the email alert for last minute requests. 
2) In the new version the calendar shows all available appointments as well as booked appointments, again not just for their appointments but for all teachers on their courses. For many staff this will make their calendar completely unusable so we are unable to use the new version (see eg)
beta scheduler eg
Canvas have confirmed there are no plans to change this (it would be a custom build).
I was wondering 
- if anyone is using scheduler and has found any workarounds for the problems above?
- if not using scheduler do you have any alternative online tutorial booking systems, especially anything integrated with Canvas?
Many thanks