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How to add Time Stamp for download/upload for a take-home exam

Question asked by Daniel Russell on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2017 by Daniel Russell

I would like to give my graduate students (both resident and distance) a time-limited take-home exam.  I would like to post the exam (PDF file) as an assignment (so that I can use SpeedGrader to grade their uploaded PDF responses) but I would like to limit their time to complete the exam to a 24 hour period during a week -- each student gets 24 hours to complete the exam starting from the time they download the exam PDF file until they must submit their responses, but each student can download the file and start the exam at any time during the week.  Is there a way to track the time between when a student downloaded a file and when they submit their answers?  It was pretty easy to track this kind of thing when I used ANGEL, but I cannot figure out to set up things in Canvas so I can track the elapsed time between when a student first downloads a file from an assignment and the time when they submit their answers.  Is this possible?