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I'd like to add a course to multiple subaccounts...but I can't. Right?

Question asked by Kevin Wagenmaker on Mar 1, 2017
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In the hierarchy of things I get why I cannot add a course to multiple accounts...but I'd like to!


Hopefully the awesome users of Canvas can help me with this little issue that I have!


I would like to create a sub-account for our online courses at our institution. The problem is that some of our online courses already belong to a sub-account (Example: AHEA 215 (02) already belongs to our Health Occupations sub-account).


I would like to be able to easier access adding apps and creating specific announcements for these courses. If not a sub-account does anyone have any other ideas?


Right now I have to go into each course individually to post "online" specific announcements or add apps for "online only" at the institution level!


Hopefully there's an easy solution that I'm overlooking. Outthinking. 


Thanks in advance!