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How can one get the criterion ID from an API call?

Question asked by Kyle Naber on Mar 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by James Jones

You can update rubric grades and comments through an API call, but it requires you to give the criterion ID. When you use the API to return a rubric, however, it doesn't contain the IDs, so how can one obtain this information through API calls?


For reference:

Submissions - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 

Under the 'Grade or comment on a submission' section, it says you can use a rubric_assessment, which would look as follows:


Then it goes on to give some example JSON of how the rubric may look:

[  {    'id': 'crit1',    'points': 10,    'description': 'Criterion 1',    'ratings':    [      { 'description': 'Good', 'points': 10 },      { 'description': 'Poor', 'points': 3 }    ]  },  {    'id': 'crit2',    'points': 5,    'description': 'Criterion 2',    'ratings':    [      { 'description': 'Complete', 'points': 5 },      { 'description': 'Incomplete', 'points': 0 }    ]  }]

I'm wondering what API call will return to me this example JSON. I can't seem to find it in the documentation.