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Missing student work when migrating old Moodle course

Question asked by Maria Costea on Mar 5, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by Kona Jones

We're migrating from Moodlerooms to Canvas. I need to re-create an old course with its assignments complete, discussions, etc. 



  1. created a course in my test instance,
  2. named it and gave it a Course Code and SIS ID (I used the same code for both),
  3. SIS imported users into the system,
  4. SIS imported enrollment into the course, and
  5. imported a Moodle export zip that contained content, users, and logs.


The problem: while enrollment went through (I see the users in the system and they seem to be enrolled into the course - are shown in People), I do not see any discussion posts they made, assignments they've submitted, nor any grades.


The issues I see listed for #5 above are simply, "Import Error: Module Item - "5.10 - Learning Plan Resources" and "Missing links found in imported content - Wiki Page body" so if anyone could shed light on where to go next, that would be great. 


Thank you very much in advance.