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Question asked by Stacy Greathouse on Mar 7, 2017
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I think I may have found a bug regarding access to the entire list of external tools when creating assignments. The dialog box opens in its default size with the list only shows part of the list if there is a long list of options. There is one scroll/slider bar and using it shows only part of that list. This means my faculty are trying to create assignments form a tool that starts with a T and can only see up to tools that start with a C. That available bar isn't going down far enough.


I've only been able to get further down on that list if 1) the person's mouse has a wheel for scrolling and is hovering over that box, OR if we grab the expand handle and make the dialog box wide enough that all of a sudden a second scroll bar appears. 


Other people on my team have been able to replicate this.

I'm attaching a video that I made for the workaround we found. 

Is this a known bug? Is there a way to fix it so it's never an issue when trying to use an external tool and needing to scroll through that list?


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