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Grade calculations using percentages for assignments

Question asked by Robert Lennartz on Mar 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2017 by Robert Lennartz

I have several types of assignments -- homework, exams, and in-class activities -- in one of my classes.  I have always entered the scores manually as percentages, and so really each assignment is out of 100 points.  I then weight the assignments by groups (exams 65%, etc.).  Canvas has always flawlessly calculated the grades; I even downloaded the data to Excel and did the math myself to double check.


The problem arose this semester.  The homework is done through an online system (Aplia), and this semester I decided to have it linked to Canvas.  The homework grades automatically transfer, which is great -- no manual transfer.  But, the problem is this:  The homework varies in points, and although Canvas will show the grades as percentages in the gradebook, it uses the actual points to calculate the grade.  (I checked the math).  Is there any way to get Canvas to use the percentages and not the points?  If not, is there any good "work around" for this?