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Guiding New Students - Videos

Question asked by Joseph Kwashnak on Apr 30, 2015
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We are currently getting ready to jump into Canvas next month for our Summer Semester and on. Of course that means our students have to learn a new system. I've look at the Getting Started Guide for Students (Getting Started with Canvas as a Student ) and it is a good place for them to find answers to questions of "How Do I?" - I'll be linking to this for their reference. I also found the Getting Started with Canvas Networks video (Getting Started with Canvas Network ) and it is a good introduction document for them to set up notification and profiles.


But what I wondered if there was any other videos out there for students that introduce them to the Canvas interface for a class?  I was going to create one for my class, but before I go to all the trouble, I wanted to see if anyone had suggestions. I tried searching the videos here and came up short except for that one noted above. 


Any thoughts are appreciated.


J.J. Kwashnak

Louisiana Delta Community College