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How can I allow students to view but not take a quiz after it has closed?

Question asked by ERIC HUTTON on Mar 6, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by Kona Jones

Is there a way for a student to view a quiz 1) after the availability date has closed and 2) which the student did not take, and so did not have a graded submission? In my class, students must take a minimum of 5 out of 23 online quizzes, and the quizzes are available only on the day before the class meets to discuss the reading covered by the quiz. Students who take a quiz and get a grade can view their responses after the availability date has closed, but one student would like to see some of the quizzes she did not take to use as a study tool. Right now, I cannot see any way to do this other than opening up the assignment again, but I do not want to allow students who have skipped a quiz to be able to go back and take it, so is there some way other than changing the availability dates to make the past quizzes available for view?