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Conferences moving from Flash to HTML5

Question asked by KATHLEEN BARRINGER on Mar 7, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2019 by Timothy Lampley

Hi - I'm new to this area and just wondering if someone can give me a little more detail about "on our product radar." I am specifically looking at when Canvas Conferences (bigbluebutton) will have an HTML5 solution. The most recent thing that I can find is that it is on the product radar - which was posted in April, 2016. I did see the roadmap video that BBB did at InstructureCon in 2016, so it definitely looks like things are in the works. We are trying to decide if we should research other solutions or if we should hold out for the change to HTML5 - but it's tricky without having an idea of how long of a wait it will be.


Does anyone have any time line information on this move to HTML5, or maybe give me an idea of how long things are usually on the product radar. 


Thanks a lot for information!


Excelsior College