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SCORM package (via Camtasia 9) not converting to complete/incomplet

Question asked by Rachel A Diana on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2017 by Aidan Garbutt

Hello everyone,

I am trying to create video lectures with embedded interactive quizzing that student view and complete via the SCORM tool in Canvas. I have successfully created the lectures and quiz questions in Camtasia 9, exported them to SCORM packages, and uploaded them as Assignments in Canvas. 

The problem I have is that I want Canvas to grade those assignments as complete/incomplete with a possible score of 1 point. When I created the SCORM package I specified a 0% correct threshold as "passing". However, Canvas grades the assignment as "incomplete" if the test student gets 1 out of 3 questions incorrect. That is, Canvas only grades the assignment as "complete" if all quiz questions are answered correctly. (I have also set the % viewed threshold to 0% in case that was the problem.)

I found this forum post: SCORM and Storyline Scoring - Complete/Incomplete 

which as marked as assumed answered but which doesn't have any resolution. Given that I'm having the same problem in Camtasia as was previously posted about Storyline I'm guessing either SCORM or Canvas is the problem. 

One work-around suggested in the previous forum post was to use a custom grading scheme for the SCORM package assignment in which anything > 0% is scored as Pass, 4.0, 1, or A. I have tried that and regardless of the assignment-specific grading scheme Canvas treats the assignment score as .33 in the final grade (see attached screenshot). 

I need a way to grade my SCORM packages based on completion rather than accuracy. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you for any help you can provide!




James Jones  miraculously solved this problem with a simple fix. I marked his reply as "Correct" below and have also converted his explanation to step-by-step instructions, pasted here to make them easy to find. Thank you James!


To convert your SCORM package from percentage-based grading in Canvas to completion-based grading (using the SCORM passing threshold):


1. When you create your SCORM package don't bother to create a "zip" version because you will need to edit the files before you can zip the package.


2. Open the folder that you created as your SCORM package. For the purposes of this tutorial we will assume that your SCORM package was called "TestQuiz" Inside you will see a file that has the SAME name as the folder with a type of "JScript Script file" and an extension (possibly hidden) of ".js", e.g. TestQuiz.js


3. Open TestQuiz.js in a simple text editor (I used Notepad++ by right-clicking the file and choosing "Edit with Notepad++". It may or may not work to use Word since complex text editors sometimes add odd characters to simple text files.


4. Search for "!isNaN".


5. Insert a blank line AFTER this line and paste this code: if ( nScore >= scoreNeeded ) { nScore = 100; }


6. Save the TestQuiz.js file. [I wouldn't recommend doing "SaveAs" since you want the script to have exactly the same name, file extension, and location as the original TestQuiz.js file.


7. Zip the folder that contains your SCORM package (in this example folder: TestQuiz). I did this by right-clicking the folder and selecting "send TestQuiz to .zip"


8. Upload the zip file to Canvas and proceed. Now the SCORM result will convert to 100% if it is above the passing threshold that you set when you created the package, which means that Canvas will mark it as "complete" when the passing threshold is set.