Katie Skapin

Label for Countdown?

Discussion created by Katie Skapin on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2017 by Tracie Bosket

We're looking to add a countdown to our main webpage, but are stumped on the label for the widget. 


A bit of background:

  • We've had Canvas available for classes since the beginning of Spring 2017.
  • Summer 2017 courses can still use the old LMS or Canvas.
  • All courses that want to use the LMS must be in Canvas for Fall 2017. We're turning off the ability to create new courses in the old LMS at that time.
  • The old LMS will remain available until Summer 2018 for the retrieval/archival of old materials.


We were thinking "Days Until Canvas," but it's already here. "Days to transition to Canvas" implies that the old LMS will be shutdown and materials will cease being available at the countdown time.  Any suggestions?