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Adding Promotions in Catalog

Question asked by Kathy Harris on Mar 16, 2017

I am trying to add a promotion to a specific course listing, but I keep getting an error message.


I have two courses that I would like to add the same promotion code. One course is called 6 CEU Bundle, and the other course is called National Exam Prep. In my marketing, I want to promote both courses. One has an audience of certified applicators that need to re-certify, and the other has an audience of non-certified applicators that want to be certified. I want to have 1 promo code for both courses. When I add the promo code to the second course, I receive the error message that the code has already been taken.


I've done this before. I've added the same code to multiple courses before, and I haven't had any problems. But the last two days, I can't do it any more.


Has there been an update that is no longer allowing the same code on multiple courses?