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How can section teachers only see section grades?

Question asked by David Gorman on Mar 20, 2017
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I'm working with our Career Technical Education instructors in improving students' basic math and English skills.  We've established a common shell where students can work through modules with quizzes and videos (similar to what you might see in Khan Academy).  We have tried to make sections so instructors only see the students in their particular  CTE classes.  I have created sections where instructors only view their own students grades (generally quizzes).  However, when the instructors report back to me, they see all students from all sections.  This is cumbersome for them since there are over 200 students, and they each only want to see their 20-30.  


I would share a screenshot but don't want to share personal student information, so the screen looks something like this:


Instructor name     id number      Plant Science 67        observing:  Joe Jones       

                                                                                        observing:  Maria Hernandez


At the bottom of the page I clicked on only view the Plant Science group for the instructor assigned to those students.  It reads--  privileges:  this  user can only view students in their assigned course section.


Then when I ask the teacher which students she can see, she says she can see all 200 of them.  So I really don't know what I'm doing wrong.


Students have been enrolled in the Plant Science section and the original Basic Skills section.  


I worked with our Canvas specialist at the college, and she went in masquerade mode and still couldn't solve the issue.  

Please help.