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Using rubrics or peer review for application assessments?

Question asked by Amanda Postle on Mar 15, 2017
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We have a group that would like to use Canvas to assess applications for a specific program at our College. They are currently doing all of this via email and paper with the use of a 'rubric' to assess applications. In this instance, faculty are assessing applications from current students for an MD/PhD program. I was hoping to use Canvas to assist them with this. I feel stuck trying to figure out if Canvas can even do this and considered the following:


  1. Creating an Assignment for each application and using Peer Review and a rubric to assess the applications.
  2. Creating an Assignment for each application and asking faculty to grade them using a rubric

This instance is so different than a traditional classroom setting that I feel a little stuck. Does anyone have other ideas or know of examples of how this might work?


Thanks as always