Jason Schaffer

User Groups

Discussion created by Jason Schaffer on Mar 17, 2017

Hello All, 


I wanted to see if anyone had any experience creating User Groups in Canvas?  I am not referring to creating a group in a course (What are Groups? ) but instead user groups for Canvas overall (How do I view groups in an account? ).  My thought is that we could create a group for admins, or campuses, or any number of other shared characteristics between our students/faculty/admins.  


However, I am not sure how scale-able this will be term over term.  Additionally, if we were to create a group of faculty or admins for instance, would we be able to create and maintain a separate calendar, updates, announcements and discussions specifically for them?  From what I have read it seems that the visibility/functionality of user groups is limited to that group, but before I go creating one, I wanted to see how useful it is, how this impacts our larger Canvas population, and if anyone has tried this before?