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Formatting a Table so it Automatically Resizes on Smaller Home Page

Question asked by RICHARD MELLOR on Mar 21, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2017 by Stefanie Sanders

I found that this question has already been asked once, but it was never answered, and I've been struggling with it for years... so I'm asking it again:


I am having a problem with a table on my home page.  When the page is viewed from Pages, everything auto-formats correctly, but when viewed as the Home page, the table does not automatically adjust to the new width.  There is a shorter page width due to the Home page's "coming up" column on the right.  An image at the top of the page and all text adjusts to the new width just fine, but the table of image links does not.  It is too wide, and my students need to scroll to the right to view it all.  


What's even more frustrating, I have copy/pasted the html exactly as it is onto the Syllabus page and set that as the Home page.  When the table is copy/pasted onto the syllabus page, it DOES automatically format itself to fit the narrower Home page space.  Unfortunately, the Syllabus page displays a long list of assignments at the bottom in alphabetical order that I don't want to display, and there is no way yet to disable that assignment list on the course syllabus page.  


I am left with the choice between having my students scroll sideways to view the links, or have it formatted correctly as a Syllabus but with a long and unnecessary assignment list.  


There's got to be a fix for one of these two problems.  Please help someone.  It's annoying.  Since the same html works correctly as a Syllabus page, but not as a regular Page, I suspect it may be some problem with the style sheet? 


Correct formatting as a Page:


Incorrectly formatted table as a Home page:


Correct formatting as a Syllabus, but unusable to me due to the assignment list at the bottom: