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How to send grade data through my own External Tool?

Question asked by MARCELO AMORIM on Apr 30, 2015
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I've created an External Tool in Canvas and I want to use its result to pass back as a grade to a specific assignment.


I've found this official tutorial but I get stacked: Canvas LMS REST API Documentation .


I don't get how it works. I mean, in what moment will the xml be created containing the data with the 'ext_outcome_data_values_accepted'. It uses two parameters: url and text.

What I understand is: the url parameter is used as the place I have to send my text containing the grade. Am I right? In this case, the url must be somewhere Canvas will treat my data, but what is this specific url?


Somebody has made something like this already? I need some help with this because I'm tired of trying figure out how the tutorial means.