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icon alignment problem

Question asked by Rob Haroth on Mar 20, 2017
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I am using small images for icons in my course Journal icon.jpg to indicate different media elements in the Resources. The problem I am having is when I insert the icon next to the resource, the first line of the resource moves right but the second line does not resulting in misalignment. (I need it to be like a drop indent sort of)


Here is an example:

Journal icon.jpgPritzker, S. (2017). Researching Integrative Medicine: Challenges and Innovations. Retrieved February 22, 2017, from


I need the text to line up as in a drop indent. I tried using the following html code but it is kind of a pain to implement and have to change the settings to fit every place I use an icon. <p style="margin-left: 35px; text-indent: -35px;">


Any suggestions to make it quick and easy?