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Possible Turnitin LTI Support for Varied Due Dates?

Question asked by Linda J. Lee on Mar 21, 2017
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As Dallas E Hulsey explains in his definitive Canvas and Turnitin blog post, Turnitin LTI cannot handle more than one due date for an assignment. If your institution is using substitution variables to pass a due date from Canvas to Turnitin, the due date passed along is the one assigned to "Everyone/Everyone Else" in Canvas. This issue has been a pain point for many of us who rely on differentiated assignments in Canvas, and it sparked my submission of this archived feature idea: Change Turnitin LTI Due Date Substitution Variable to Latest Due Date 


A couple weeks ago, we were (unpleasantly) surprised by something unexpectedly going wrong in an assignment that took advantage of this lack of support. (We used the "Everyone Else" date to control the last possible date that students could submit an assignment late or resubmit an assignments after the due date, without changing the date that student see in Canvas.)


Unexpectedly, this workaround stopped working for us on February 22. Students' ability to submit/resubmit was governed by the dates in Canvas (which they could see in Turnitin), rather than by the date set by the substitution variable -- suggesting that Turnitin may now be able to handle differentiated assignments! (Which is wonderful news, except for the specific edge case configuration that is now broken.)


Subsequent testing has replicated this behavior (as I'll show below). And our outreach to both Turnitin and Instructure (so far) suggests that no one is aware of anything changing, though we observed this change beginning on February 22. (The previous assignment on February 9 had no trouble.) I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior.


So here's what we see:


This is a Turnitin LTI external tool assignment set up with differentiated due dates in Canvas.

Assignment Assign To area due dates in Canvas

For this assignment, we have used the section-differentiated date to present students with an assignment due date in Canvas. The external tool assignment picks up the due date associated with “Everyone/Everyone Else.” The instructor does not see any other date in Turnitin other than the “Everyone/Everyone Else” date.

Turnitin LTI assignment due dates


While masquerading as a student to submit to the assignment, that student see the same due date in Turnitin as they see in Canvas.


Turnitin LTI due date matches differentiated assignment due date in Canvas



And again, while masquerading as a student, after the section-specific due date in Canvas, but before the due date picked up by the substitution variable, students cannot submit if no late submissions are allowed. And if late submissions are allowed, this will prevent resubmissions.


Turnitin LTI No submission possible

Has anyone else seen this behavior? Can you try it out? Does this mean that support for differentiated assignments now exists?


We've reached out to our CSM (Elizabeth Kushma) who is bringing it to the attention of an Instructure engineer working with Turnitin. But I thought I'd also bring it to the attention of folks here.


Thanks in advance for any insight anyone can offer.