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Best Ways to Navigate Canvas Community / Jive site?

Discussion created by Laura Gibbs on Mar 25, 2017
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What are your best tips for keeping up with Canvas Community here at Jive? I know there are email notification options but I am honestly not a fan of email (my personal goal would be a life without email except for stuff that needs to be truly private and not online). So, I am trying to find the best ways to "keep up" with the Community using different access points at the site. I would love to hear what other access points people have found! 


The page I have ended up relying on the most is called the Content page. It's really useful! I have bookmarked the option for Content: FollowingThat is a very useful view, and it gives me the ability to quickly check on other content views along the left (authored, participated, etc.), along with types of content across the top (blog posts, documents, etc.).

content page


And of course I rely on the in-site Notifications (the little notifications bell at the top of the page), which is a link that takes you to the Inbox and the very handy "unread only" view. 

inbox notifications


So, now I am curious what other tips people have for navigating the Community site in ways that can help you be aware of new items and also new activity on old items. There are so many different ways to navigate the Community and so many different resources, and I am guessing there are some "ways in" that I have not found yet.