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Refresh token generation in own canvas instance

Question asked by 16-01-ins-65050 on Mar 29, 2017
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Our Canvas Revel Integration provides seamless access to our Revel product. We  are presently working to add the ability to sync grades from Pearson Revel to Canvas. We are planning do a performance testing for this feature, since we can not use the Canvas Production environment for this, we created our own Canvas instance on Staging environment. Currently we are experiencing issue on that environment when requesting a refresh token. It will properly redirect to the Canvas Authorize page and once we click on the "Authorize" button it will redirect our page without refresh token.(with authSuccess=false)


What could be reason for this? Is there a way to troubleshoot this?


Request :… 


Response : Pearson 


I have attached the fiddler trace herewith.