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1-person self-sign group in Canvas

Question asked by Voravit Tanyingyong on Mar 23, 2017
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I cannot create a group set with one student per group in canvas (canvas allow only 2 or more students per group).


In our course, we have paper review activities, in which each student hand in paper reviews as their individual assignment submissions. In addition to the review, each student must choose one paper to present in class. Thus, we want to create a self-sign group with 1 person per group.


Alternatively, I can create a content page with a list of paper and let the students add their name to which paper they want to present. But this may open up unwanted conflicts in case of a student remove/replace other students from the list.


I would appreciate any suggestion on what is the best practice in this case.


In addition, I don't see any harm in having 1 person per group and would like to propose that Canvas developer remove the condition to enforce a group to be 2 or more in the future version.


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Voravit T.