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In quizzes: audio file play settings

Question asked by Mitun Chakravarty on Mar 23, 2017
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When uploading a media file (specifically, an audio—not video—file) to a Quiz created in Canvas, is it possible to make that audio file start playing automatically once the quiz is started?

For some context to my qn: I am creating a Listening quiz for a language course, and I want to control how much time the students can spend reading the qns. This means I would like to have an audio file attached to the quiz that starts as soon as the quiz is opened and that will have all the necessary periods of silence to allow reading time (e.g. 30 seconds between each qn, to allow sts 30 secs to read each qn before the relevant audio is played).  I have the audio file ready to go; I just need to know whether I can activate such a setting (e.g. audio file auto play as soon as quiz is opened). Does this setting exist in Canvas? I have noticed that another authoring software called iSpring does have this setting. Thank you.